Posted in October 2012

Weekend Review

The weekend review is a little late… We had a hurricane come through. There was no damage here, just 2-3 days straight of rain and a little bit of wind. But it was enough to cancel work for Monday and Tuesday. So anyways, now I’m going to try to remember everything we did this weekend. … Continue reading

Almost the Weekend!

It’s almost the weekend! For those of you out there thinking “but it’s only Thursday,” I should probably explain that I work 9 hour days in order to have every other Friday off… so my weekend starts in about 4.5 hours. This week has been busier than most since I got to hang out with … Continue reading

Buck Hollow Hike

This past weekend, MM and I went out to the Shenandoah mountains to do this hike. We did it in the opposite direction of what is listed there… and it was a good idea too: so many steps that were way better to do in the up direction than the down direction. Especially since it … Continue reading

Night Time Hiking

Sara and I had a great, not so smart, adventure today. Because of Sara getting off work late, we ended up hiking in the dark. We came up with a few future rules along the way: Don’t hike without a flashlight Don’t start a hike at sunset Don’t hike without a map Using proper English … Continue reading

Technology Free Success

Technology Free Weekend was a success! Friday night consisted of making delicious sausage and potato chowder and some reading. Saturday consisted of a nice brisk 9 mile hike, coming home for dinner, napping, and then going to the 9pm showing of Expendables 2. I think this one was even better than the first Expendables. Sunday … Continue reading

Technology Free Weekend

Five of the past 6 weekends in my life have been mostly devoted to MM’s car activities. The last few weekends that we’ve actually stayed at my place have had large chunks of time that involved us sitting on opposite ends of the couch, each playing our own video games. (Adding the second TV to … Continue reading

October Goals

Even though October is half over, I’m going to start the tradition now of setting goals for each month. So here goes: Finish knitting runner for new blanket chest. Hike with Sara 1-2 times per week. (These are about two mile hikes because we go during the week after work and don’t want to be … Continue reading

Obligatory First Post… Welcome!

Hello and welcome to my blog. I’m not quite certain how my first post should go, so we’re going to go with what I would like this blog to be. It will follow along as I live the adventures I call life. As I begin this blog, the adventures I will be chronically include: Hiking … Continue reading