Technology Free Weekend

Five of the past 6 weekends in my life have been mostly devoted to MM’s car activities. The last few weekends that we’ve actually stayed at my place have had large chunks of time that involved us sitting on opposite ends of the couch, each playing our own video games. (Adding the second TV to the living room was such a bad idea… but what do you expect of a room that already had 2 video game systems and 2 often used computers plus an older, not plugged in computer.) Anyway… all this has led me to feel like we haven’t had enough “us” time. To counter this feeling…

I have declared this weekend to be a technology free weekend… I originally interpreted this as a “No Post 1950’s Technology” weekend, with the exception of GPS to get somewhere and counting my Kindle as a book. That became a confusing way to think about it. So I have re-named it “No Electronic Forms of Enertainment” weekend. Since that’s a mouthful, I kept the original title and that’s just my new interpretation. Plans for the weekend include:

  • A variation of this hike
  • Batch Cooking: pizzas, burritos, and potato and sausage chowder (recipe posts next week, hopefully with pictures)
  • Rock Climbing (indoors, maybe)
  • Going to the movies – possibly for the new Bourne movie or Expendables 2

So I know that the last one violates the technological entertainment… but it will still be a big improvement over what has been going on for hte last 2 months-ish.

Oh, and MM took today off work and scared the crap out of me last night when he showed up at my apartment. Let me just say that standing in the kitchen and seeing your door unlock at 9:30 at night when you are not expecting any visitors is not a calm experience.


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