Weekend Review

The weekend review is a little late… We had a hurricane come through. There was no damage here, just 2-3 days straight of rain and a little bit of wind. But it was enough to cancel work for Monday and Tuesday. So anyways, now I’m going to try to remember everything we did this weekend.

Friday – the surprise was going to a shooting range. We shot a bolt action 22 rifle and an old M1 Garand. MM says I am a “natural at shooting”. The 22 had a scope on it and my groupings were as good as MMs! With the M1, however, I am a terrible shot. I didn’t even hit the target rings!

Saturday – MM had another autocross. He did pretty well. For part of the morning, one of MM’s coworkers came out with his 7 month old daughter. So cute! And she was so well behaved.

Sunday – Out to dinner with MM’s family for his grandpa’s birthday. Other than that it was a pretty quiet day. It started to rain Sunday afternoon.

Monday and Tuesday – Pretty quiet days hanging out around the house. Rained the whole time. Had some high winds but not much. When it finally stopped raining Tuesday afternoon, we went for a walk around the neighborhood. It was nice to finally get out of the house.

Then it was finally back to work today. At least it’s only a three day week.


Edit: When constructing my bucket list page, I realized that learning to shoot was on it! Woot! Another item crossed off!


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