October Goal Review

Ah it is the beginning of a new month. This means it is goal review time. And then time to set new goals. Let’s see how I did on my very first Goal list:

  1. Finish knitting runner for new blanket chest.  – Not finished. Maybe it is taking longer than I thought or maybe I’ve just been lazy about it. Oh well, this one will bump to November.
  2. Hike with Sara 1-2 times per week. We really only went twice, but that’s once a week from the time I started counting this goal. I count that as complete. This week and next, I am working in a different location so we probably won’t go because it is incredibly inconvenient. Plus, after our night time hiking adventure, I think it is best to wait until after the time change so we get an extra hour of light at night.
  3. Yoga 1-2 times per week. As with hiking, it only happened twice, but that’s enough for this to count. This may also move to November’s list.
  4. Find photography class that’s not incredibly expensive or inconvenient. – I found one, didn’t pay attention to the deadline for signing up and missed it… hopefully this class comes back in the spring.
  5. Go on one long hike. – Buck Hollow/Mary’s Rock: pictures and a review.
  6. Find somewhere to take pictures of pretty trees.– See pictures from #5
  7. Make soup, pizzas, and burritos to freeze. – I swear I will get some recipe posts up soon.

Overall, not too bad of a month. November goals should be up early next week.


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