Weekend Review

Even though this past weekend was short, it was a good one!

On Saturday, Sara, MM, and I went out to Shenandoah NP for a hike. We knew it would be cold so we all made sure to bring hats and gloves. As we were pulling up to the fee station, we saw a very small amount of snow flurries… that was an ominous sign. We turned onto Skyline Drive, and at first, all seemed fine. We began driving along, and we started to see some snow on the ground. Not much, but enough for us to realize that the snow that fell in “West Virginia and western Maryland” during the hurricane apparently also included the SNP. By the time we got to the parking lot, the snow was about 6 inches deep. Sara and MM were in mesh hiking shoes and we were all in cotton pants. So that made for an interesting hike. Later this month, I’ll post a review and some pictures. I put to use the new skill I learned from the internet and got a few glassy water pictures!

Since the 7.5 mile hike took 5.5 hours, there was no time to nap before dinner by the time we got home… especially since I had planned to make lasagna that night for dinner. It was a delicious, but late dinner.

Sunday morning, we relaxed a little and then made 3 white sauce pizzas – 2 to freeze and 1 for dinner.

In the afternoon, Sara came back over and we made pumpkin pie! From a real pumpkin! With a homemade crust! A few weeks ago, Sara and I got this idea in our heads so we put it into action this weekend. This took most of the afternoon allowing MM to play Gran Turismo 5 for a few hours. While the pie was baking, MM convinced us to play Dance, Dance, Revolution for a little while. Once the pie was done, we stuck the pizza in the oven and continued to play DDR. Then we ate dinner and baked the pumpkin seeds. I’ll also be posting the recipes for the pie, crust, and seeds, along with some pictures as I experimented with more settings on my dSLR.

And then it was pretty much bed time. Very busy weekend… And I spent so much of it in the kitchen, but I’m really starting to like cooking my food instead of just buying the pre-packaged stuff.  Unless I’m cooking for just myself… then I’m likely to throw something in the microwave or just not eat dinner. (Like Friday night – bad TC!)


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