Weekend Review

Long weekends are lovely. Friday was my last day of a class at work, and we only had to go in for 2 hours… to take a quiz and do a final lesson on ethics. MM had the day off so he went to the grocery store while I was in class to get the ingredients for our delicious dinner. Beef Roast in the crock pot with Dr. Pepper instead of a broth and French Onion Soup… both were amazing. Sara came over for dinner and then the 3 of us went to go see a college production of Into the Woods. It’s a pretty funny musical, although the ending is pretty random. And it has some awesome one liners. Prince Charming: I was raised to be charming, not sincere.

Saturday we went indoor rock climbing. We went to Vertical Rock, a gym we had never been to before. It was much less crowded than most of the other gyms in the area and I like the climbs there. There 5.7s are pretty much perfect for me. It was difficult climbing, but not impossible. Sometimes the routes seem to be graded based on what the average is and have really easy and really random difficult spots, but not here. The routes were great for me. Then, since we were in the area, we went to the used book store. I didn’t find many books I wanted and accidentally bought a book I already had. I really need to find a way to keep track of my library that is portable because I have done that before.

On Sunday, we went go-karting all day at Summit Point Kart. The karts there are a lot of fun because they go up to 35-40 mph. But they leave you sore the next day.

And today, we have off work for Veteran’s Day yesterday. We are spending the day relaxing, watching TV, and playing video games. Thank you to our veterans who ensure our freedom to spend our weekends doing these things!


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