Posted in December 2012

Weekend Review

It was a long and busy, but relaxing weekend. Thursday night, the Check Engine Light came on in my new (used) car. The Check Engine Light and emissions issues that were causing it is actually why I replaced my old car… so that was not a good sign. In fact, I was so worried/mad, that … Continue reading

December Goals

The holiday season is upon us! And now for some goals to get us started: Yoga 1-2 times per week. Forever goal. Knit at leastĀ 3 more hats to give to family this Christmas. Plus the 2 that MM’s mom requested. That’s a lot but will give me 8 for family, which is hopefully a good … Continue reading

November Goals Review

December is here! That means it is time to check out my goals from last month and see how I did. Finish knitting runner for new blanket chest. Carry over from last month. Finished! Hike with Sara 1-2 times per week. I think this will repeat until it gets too cold and dark. As I … Continue reading

Weekend Review

Another short weekend. But an exciting one! I BOUGHT A CAR! It’s a Honda Fit, only a couple of years old. And I paid cash! That was a nice feeling. My Emergency Fund isĀ  a little lower than I had wanted it to get but it was worth it to not deal with the hassle … Continue reading