November Goals Review

December is here! That means it is time to check out my goals from last month and see how I did.

  1. Finish knitting runner for new blanket chest. Carry over from last month. Finished!
  2. Hike with Sara 1-2 times per week. I think this will repeat until it gets too cold and dark. As I said earlier, bad planning on my part. Not gonna happen.
  3. Yoga 1-2 times per week. Forever goal. Fail. Maybe 2-3 times all month.
  4. Decide what to buy nephews for Christmas. Decided and purchased! Who wouldn’t like video games to go with the game system I bought them last year?
  5. Knit at least 2 more hats to give to family this Christmas. Finished and exceeded! I got 3 done! First is here and the other two will have their own posts at some point. Of course, when MM’s mom saw all the hats I was knitting, she has requested 2 others to be done by Christmas. I need to get on this even more now.
  6. Tutor at least 10 hours. Fail… only about 5.5 hours. But I already did an hour and a half this weekend, so maybe in December… gotta make up some of the money I just spent on that car.
  7. Vote! Yay for being a productive citizen!
  8. Cut down on food spending. Fail. Better, at only $200 but still fail. I did sign up for a BJ’s trial membership and spent a bit of money there. This may need to go back on the list for next

Not too shabby. The fails are really in the repetitive goals… I wonder what that says about me.


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